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Racks and Enclosures form the primary structure of an installation, and provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management. The Rack is the one place where every component and system wire runs.

All of the speaker wires, cable TV, satellite, antennas, video wires, HDMI cables, CCTV wires, gaming consoles, and much more, all neatly terminate at the rack location. With a custom rack system, everything is in one organized space, eliminating the potential tangle of cords behind your entertainment center.

The best A/V Racks, Enclosure, or Cabinets are designed to keep your A/V equipment cool, accessible, and protected from their environment.

A custom rack system serves a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic one. Everything is in one organized space, making all elements of your system easy to find, see, and control. Advanced Sound and Image can design your custom rack system to be tucked away discreetly in a cabinet or closet, allowing you to enjoy your system without the clutter and without disrupting the design of your space.

Benefits of an effectively installed and organized AV equipment rack:

Traceable: Ensures cables and connections are easy to trace, eliminating confusion about which source leads to which output.


Ease of Use: Add or switch sources anytime. A clean and tidy equipment rack makes it easy to identify sources and cables. 

Less Errors: Decreases the chances of accidentally disconnecting the wrong source. 

Less Maintenance: An organized and clean rack makes it easier to service and any necessary maintenance will not take as long as if your A/V rack was full of crossing cables.


Better AirFlow:  An organized rack allows the fans to work efficiently, ensuring that your equipment runs cooler and lasts longer.

Avoiding messy cabling and excess cables optimizes airflow.

Fewer Disconnections: Decrease the chance of cables falling out or being inadvertently disconnected from the rack due to the stress of overlaying cables.​

Longevity: A properly dressed rack prevents damage to cables from improper storage. Once organized your cables will be protected from any crimping, twisting, or other wear and tear caused by unnecessary stress on the cables from messy setup. Proper dressing ensures that cables bend at an optimal angle and last longer, providing the longevity necessary.

Cluttered AV Rack?

We carry out maintenance on terribly messy installs where poor installation has lead to unreliable functionality.

Our engineers take pride in their work, their attention to detail speaks for itself.




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