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Advanced Sound and Image Designs and Installs Commercial Automation Systems that provide you with easy control. With a single button press, you can control multiple TVs and video sources, set your lighting to a pre-programmed setting, set the temperature of a specific room, control your motorized shades or access your security surveillance on your smartphone. 

Commercial Automation & Audio Video Systems

Depending on the industry and your unique business needs, we create a solution giving you simple control of one or multiple sub-systems with access from centralized, localized or a combination of locations. 


Commercial Automation Technology will set you apart and put you a step above in efficiency. You have the option to start a system in one area or a few areas and expand later whether your project is new construction, a remodel, or a retrofit. Explore the possibilities.


comm control4_bar.jpg

Our Restaurant and Bar Audio Video installations will take your business to the next level. Elevate your guest's dining experience with smart technology for commercial audio, video, lights, window treatments, HVAC, and security. Controlling AV in a sports bar or restaurant can be simple for every member of your team. With our easy to use friendly controls, you can easily manage any number of TVs and video sources, control music from multiple sources, and adjust the lights effortlessly. At closing time, it takes one press on a touch screen to power everything down, lock the doors, and arm the security system. 


Enhance your business meeting with a state of the art conference room. A boardroom integrated with the most up to date systems provides efficiency and productivity. A commercial automation system makes it possible for virtually everything in your office or business to work together, from lights to thermostats, TVs to projectors, audio systems to communication, and much more. With a single easy to use device, control the room for multi-media presentations, telepresence or video conferencing.

Conference Rooms/ Boardrooms


Professional/Corporate Office Space


In today's corporate world, high-speed communications and a properly networked computer system are a necessity. Smart technology improves business operations, makes your work day run smoother and you can focus on running a successful company efficiently. Easily set a welcoming environment with one-touch control of lights, temperature, music, and video. At opening or closing time, it takes just a single press to power everything on/off, secure the automated entry system, lower shades and set the temperature. Keep an eye on things when you’re not at the office by receiving alerts or viewing cameras from a smart device whether you’re at home or across the globe.

Office Space


Enhance your patient's experience in waiting rooms, procedure rooms, and recovery rooms with Automate Technology. You will save time, reduce energy costs, and increase comfort for your patients. One-touch smart control enables you to easily deliver music to waiting areas and bathrooms, maintain a soothing atmosphere with music and video. Control the motorized shades, climate, and lighting all with one-touch. With our intercom or paging systems, easily stay in touch with nurses and patients.




 A state of the art integrated system is sure to captivate your audience. Commonly, auditoriums, lecture halls, and classrooms rely on a great audio/video system, projectors, computer/laptop display modes, screens, wireless connectivity, microphones, lighting control, and more…  To communicate effectively from the front of the room, the entire room should be integrated with sufficient technology to support every lecture, presentation, or performance.


House of Worship

Create a dynamic and comfortable worship experience by providing your audience with State of the Art Audio, Video, and Lighting. Our innovative design and experience, ables us to provide audio-video equipment systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each worship customer. Integrating your audio, lighting, digital projection, HD video displays, and video broadcast systems will enhance and improve your worship area. Creating the atmosphere you and your congregation deserve. We serve every denomination and every style regardless of the size of the project. We also service and can replace poor performing systems. Whatever your goal, we want to help you reach it.


Hotels/ Hospitality


State of the art Audio and Video will help create and enhance the impression you want to make on your guests. Offering maximum convenience by adding audio and video technology will help give your guests that seamless experience they are expecting. 

Hospitality Digital Signage and Multi-media Audio and Video can do all of that plus more. Direct your guests to restaurants or other amenities with Hospitality Digital Signage: an impressive flat-screen LED or LCD video screen with high-end graphics and beautiful images. With Automation and Integrated Technology, you can now enhance your lobby, common areas, meeting rooms, hallways, restaurants, lounge, ballrooms, pool area, and exercise room facilities. And of course your VIP rooms and suites.


Retail Stores

Every business has unique needs and Retailers are as diverse as what they sell. Advanced Sound and Image works with each business owner to plan an integrated system that'll help them streamline their business. User-friendly controls integrate every aspect of your business, from iPad points of sale to multi-room audio & video presentations to HVAC and lighting controls. No matter how many locations you have, a system from Advanced Sound and Image puts the control in your hands. Business owners with multiple locations no longer have to drive miles to check in on their employees. Now, simply log in through a smartphone or tablet to easily monitor each location.


Fitness Studios/Gyms

comm-small fitness center.jpg

Let your Fitness Studio or Gym stand out of the competition. With user-friendly automated systems, multi-room audio & video, soundproofing, surveillance, and iPad Point-of-Sale. Automation 

Technology makes it easy to manage. You can offer high energy spin classes alongside a peaceful restorative yoga class without the bass leaking into the quiet room next door. Keep clients happy and create the perfect atmosphere with intuitive control to change channels and volume levels of many TVs and music zones that are playing simultaneously throughout the space from different sources. Enjoy Smart Control of lights, shades, pool, hot tub, and sauna.  One touch of a button can power everything on/off, arm/disarm your security system, and even set the temperature.


HOA & Country Clubs

Advanced Sound and Image is here to provide audio visual solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. There are many areas that require quality sound and video systems in your golf or country club. For good communication with your staff, you will need an efficient and clear Public Address (PA) System. To ensure that your guests and staff are always safe, and to keep watch over your beautiful facility you would need an effective video surveillance system. From fitness centers and spas to dining areas, reception halls, and meeting rooms, we have well-designed systems for each space that will create the best experience for your members.


New Construction 


Before you finish that next new build, work with Advanced Sound and Image to outfit a new home with customized Audio, Video and Lighting Features. We collaborate with Builders, Developers, Architects & Designers. From design to implementation, and installation of audio and video systems, in both new construction and existing buildings. Whether you’re developing luxury condos or a rental community, we provide simplified controls for complex systems that manage security, CCTV, lighting, HVAC, drapery, irrigation, pools, spas, and media. Take advantage by offering a new home feature that other competing builders or construction companies are not.


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